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Some middle school teachers offered their students extra credit if they saw Mine Eyes Hath Seen and wrote a review of it. Here's some of our favorite responses.

Even though it may be 10:35 at night, I felt compelled to write down my thoughts of Theatre Banshee's production of Mine Eyes Hath Seen. I felt it was a play that was beautifully written and cast. The quotes chosen blended so well that, though the actors played many different people, their voices told one story. I loved the overall performance; how the actors engrossed the audience and made them (us) participate. I also enjoyed all the songs and the actors reacted to what the others were saying...I sincerely felt this play was worth seeing and felt it was a great way to learn history. - Aneliese

I feel that I could see, hear and feel voices from the past. Reliving their sad experiences. Not just looking through a window, but stepping into it. It just brought my feeling for the war to a new level. - Andrew

I really didn't want to go see it, but needed the extra credit. Wow! Turned out the play wasn't that bad. - Allie

...One guy named Andrew Leman cried during this act. I couldn't know if he was crying for real or it was just part of the scene. He was really good and looked really sad. - Sang

...The eight actors projected their voices well. I have been in drama for two years and was watching out for stage direction, eye contact, and projection as I enjoyed the play. I noticed that all the actors were all ways in character even when they weren't speaking, they reacted to who was... The letters were my favorite part of the play. They were sad but really made me see the pain and heartache and what really happened... Overall this play was put together very well and the actors were really good. - Danlia

I liked the play a lot in the sense that I thought the actors did a great job in getting into the character that they were trying to be... I thought it was a good experience and would love to go back. - Olivia

The play was good and I enjoyed it. I liked it because it was completely true. The play was more balanced and gave both sides a chance to speak their opinion. I was surprised at how small Theatre Banshee was. However, this turned out to be a good thing because you were so close to the actors you could hear very well. - Eric

The show was not like what I thought it would be. First of all, I thought the theatre would be big and professional, but it was kind of little and crowded, but it was still good. The show was really good. - Alison

For something I thought was going to be very boring, it turned out to be really interesting. I actually learned a lot and it really made me think of what the civil war was really like... I swear those groovy tunes are still stuck in my head! - Marisa

The actors of the play were awesome with their acting. Two of the actors were crying and I thought "Dang, they're good!"... I think everyone who watches this play would realize the hardships the soldiers went through and realize that we should be very grateful to the soldiers and what they did for us. - Jamie

It was great and truly amazing for all reasons... I thought this Civil War amazing, interesting, and spectacular play was awesome! - Ben

The play, Mine Eyes Hath Seen was a very touching drama play. I was hit hard by the reality of the soldiers' lives during the Civil War. It made me really sad they had to reach to such lengths to as fun such as race the lice from their heads... Whenever I feel like life is hard on me, now I just put myself in a soldiers shoes and imagine myself risking my life for the safety of my country and fellow Americans. - Shannon

This play was very entertaining. Honestly, I was expecting it to be bad... Their expressions and speeches were very convincing. I felt like I was actually listening to someone who was part of the Civil War... The actors were exceptionally outstanding actors. - Joanne

I felt Theatre Banshee's wonderful performance of Mine Eyes Hath Seen was stunning in every way. The play displayed the courage the Confederate army showed in facing incredible odds against them. It taught me new facts that I didn't know about until I watched the play... Most of all the play showed me the pain and misery that the Civil War heroes faced fighting their own brothers and fellow Americans. - Bo

Overall I would say that the play was more exciting than boring. - Madeline

I thought Mine Eyes Hath Seen was a wonderful play about the Civil War... My favorite part of the whole play was when all the characters were reciting the letters, which I found out was written by real people. They also had good songs... It was very interesting. I'm glad I went. - Sarah

I liked the fact that the script was taken from people's actual words during the Civil War. Kem Saunders, was a really strong actor, I really liked the emotion he put into his different roles. Another one of my favorite actors was Dan Harper. He could go from an uneducated confederate to a highly ranked General, and both roles were great. Both of these actors could bring tears to my eyes sometimes... It was really interesting and I really enjoyed the play. - Taylor

The thing I liked most about it was the letters. Some were filled with joy and others filled with sorrow, this made me realize that the war was real and things like this really did happen. I came out of this with new information that was fun to watch and extremely worthwhile. - Allison

The actors acted very well that I didn't go to sleep and sometimes I was really actually into the play, none like other plays that I have seen. The actors were screaming, stomping, fighting, arguing, anything you can think of, they did it and it was really exciting... It was a really good educational experience for me and my friends. - Misty

To begin with, this play was fantastic. I thought it was amazing... It didn't really hit me until then how harsh the Union was to the Confederates and vice versa. I also didn't realize how harsh the Confederates were to the slaves... All together it was a very exciting night and this was something that really helped me understand the Civil War - Kaitlin

Mine Eyes Hath Seen was a great play. The actors were very good and performed well. I learned many things from the play... I've very glad I went to see the play. It was extremely good and was not only fun but it was also educational. - Jakob

The acting in the play was fantastic, many times it sounded so convincing with the passion the actors gave in their speeches... The actors showed the emotions as if they lived in the time of the Civil War. The play brought you back to the 1860s and made you live through the highs and lows of the Civil War. - Matt

I also learned much information on other stuff. When they expressed their feeling in reading letters, it was really sad... Oh, the music! When the actors sang, they were loud and proud that I can hear all the word they were singing. "Hurrah! Hurrah!" My conclusion: it was an awesome performance about Civil War in that small theatre. - Grace

It gives you a feel for the people of the time and the horrors they went through. Also, for Abraham Lincoln, it gives him a more human-like image rather than that of an idyllic perfect person. And, who knew that soldiers had to eat possum! - Lizzy

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