The Merchant of Venice

Kirsten Kollender and Daniel Kaemon as Portia and Bassanio

Who knew The Merchant of Venice was such a romp?" - Los Angeles Times"
"Get thee to Theatre Banshee, and quickly!" - Park LaBrea News
"a very, very strong production" - LA Talk Radio

Theatre Banshee presents one of Shakespeare's most extraordinary and controversial works - The Merchant of Venice. This play has tickled and confounded audiences since it was writtten around 1600. It embraces the conventions of an Elizabethan comedy and blends them uncomfortably with themes of anti-Semitism and racism. The result is an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Barry Lynch as Shylock
Bassanio, a young Venetian, sets out to woo Portia, a wealthy heiress. To help his effort, he turns to his friend Antonio. As Antonio's fortunes are tied up in ships at sea, he turns to Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, to get the funds to help Bassanio. Shylock makes the loan and secures it with a pound of flesh to be the collateral. Bassio sets out to win fair Portia's love, but Antonio's ships are all lost. After years of enduring the Venetians' cruelty, Shylock comes, knife in hand, to claim his pound of flesh.

The Merchant of Venice features: Mark Anthony Barrow, Paul Bond, Joe Corgan, Andrew Graves, Ira Heinichen, Christine Joëlle, Daniel Kaemon, Maeve Kiely, Kirsten Kollender, Kerr Seth, Lordygan, Barry Lynch, Brett Mack, Cameron J. Oro, Sarah van der Pol, David Reynolds, James Schendel, Tim Stafford, Ericka Winterrowd, and Time Winters. The production is directed by LA Drama Critics Circle award and Back Stage West Garland award winning director, Sean Branney

Humor, drama, love, music, dance, poetry... See why this has remained one of Shakespeare's most produced plays for more than four centuries.

Daniel Kaemon, Time Winters and Brett Mack
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Questions that might get asked frequently

Q:Do you have some kind of online synopsis to make the story easy to follow?
A: Why yes, we do. (click here)

Q: Is The Merchant of Venice family friendly?
A: It's Shakespeare after all, so it tends to be a bit long and wordy for the pre-elementary school crowd, but if you're over 8 years old, you'll find plenty to enjoy in this production.

Daniel Kaemon, Time Winters, Brett Mack, Barry Lynch and Kirsten Kollender
Q: It's taught in school so it's boring, right?
A: Shakespeare plays aren't boring and this is a lively production of a lively play. It's mix humor and drama will keep you engaged throughout.

Q: How long is it?
A: Including a 15 minute intermission, it's about two hours and forty five minutes.

Q: No way. Really?
A: There's so much going on in Merchant that we think you'll find the time zips by. What with a nice intermission with time for a Banshee Brownie and a pee-break right in the middle, Merchant feels just right.

Q: Is it hard to understand?
A: Merchant is among Shakespeare's more straightforward plays. If you're new to Shakespeare you may not understand every word, but it wont take you long to figure out what's going on and to root for the good guys.

Q: Do I get extra credit for seeing it?
A: Ask your teacher - you very well might. Of course if you're not a student, the odds may be slimmer. Still, it can't hurt for you to ask your boss or another authority figure in your life.

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