The Importance of Being Earnest
Lady Bracknell Comes for Tea
(Cameron J. Oro and Andrew Leman)

Theatre Banshee is delighted to offer up Oscar Wilde's comedic masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest. This delicious comedy of manners showcases Oscar Wilde's searing wit and delightful barbs at his own Victorian society. But Earnest is more than social criticism gone Wilde, it is one of the funniest comedies ever witten for the stage.

Kevin Stidham, David Pavao and Cameron J. Oro
A pair of dashing London bachelors weave a web of lies to enable their aristocratic lifestyles. But when they stumble into true love, they become hopelessly entangled in their deceits. Will they get the girls? Will they get tea? And what's become of Aunt Augusta's cucumber sandwiches? See why Wilde's preposterous social satire has been tickling audiences for more than a century.

The Importance of Being Earnest features: Erin Barnes, Adrian Black, Adam Burch, David Carey Foster, Andrew Leman, Cameron J. Oro, David Pavao, Kevin Stidham Amy Tolsky and Sarah van der Pol. The production is directed by award winning director, Sean Branney. Bosco Flanagan provides Lighting Design and Michele Young provides Costume Design.

David Carey Foster, Amy Tolsky and Erin Barnes
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Questions that might get asked frequently

Q: Is The Importance of Being Earnest family friendly?
A: Earnest is completely suitable for the whole family. It feature no naughty language, rude gestures, nor gratuitous violence. It's rapid-fire wit might be best enjoyed by teens and up, but hey, everyone enjoys the antics of an amusing butler.

Q: I'm a student so I should get extra credit for seeing this, right?
A: Sadly, such decisions are not left to us. But Earnest is taught in many schools and it may well be worth asking your teacher if extra credit is available.

Q: How long is it?
A: Including a fifteen minute intermission, it's about two hours and fifteen minutes. The play was written in three acts and we take the intermission between the first and second act, so you won't have to wait long for our delicious Banshee Brownies.

Erin Barnes, Kevin Stidham, Andrew Leman, Sarah van der Pol, Cameron J. Oro and Adrian Black
Q: Didn't Oscar Wilde get put in jail for writing this?
A: No, though Oscar was sent to prison not long after Earnest opened in 1895. But his conviction wasn't related to the play. His life story is quite a compelling one - if you're interested in learning more, extensive biographical information about Oscar Wilde and his trials and conviction are available online.
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