"Sean Branney's direction, Sibyl Wickersheimer's set, and Laura Brody's costumes invest Friel's gripping drama with rigorous authenticity. So do the actors..."

The Los Angeles Times

"...The now famous love scene beween Lt. Yolland (a nicely sustained performance by David Nevell) and Maire (the appealing Leslie Baldwin) is fully and movingly realized. Barry Lynch, playing the schoolmaster, effectively moves in and out of the action as Friel's oracular voice of history, drawing analogies between the present and the distant past... Theatre Banshee's presentation goes a long way toward evoking the richness of Friel's themes of culture and history and is well worth seeing."


"Director Sean Branney maintains a subdued tone of suppressed anger, appropriate for Friel's poetic, low-key style. The acting ensemble is effective... Baldwin is especially empathetic as the high-spirited peasant girl. Pascal Marcotte scores as the schoolmaster's son...Eric Drachman gives a solid performance as his brother, a translator precariously caught between the two cultures...Theatre Banshee is to be saluted for eloquently capturing the soaring poetry, heartrending sadness, and universal truths in Friel's passionate plea against cultural genocide."

Backstage West

"a well-crafted, deftly performed presentation from Theatre Banshee. Branney has assembled a cast of talented, engaging actors to re-live a wrenching part of Irish history...The actors are uniformly superb..."

The Burbank Leader

ADA Award Nominee for Best Production, Best Direction, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Lighting Design, Best Sound Design and Best Costume Design

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