"A sterling ensemble achievement, alternately scalding and magical in its theatricality...Eclipsed brims over with darkness and light, rising from Ireland’s boggy soil like a wailing banshee...Best of all, this is a production built by passion through craftsmanship, not histrionics. What a bountiful maiden voyage for Theatre Banshee."
Critic’s Choice.
Best of the Week-End.

The Los Angeles Times

"The acting here is top-level; the performers reflecting in the anguish of their condition and the futility of their lives with power and conviction. Sean Branney’s astute direction reinforces the mode of touching vulnerability that marks each character."
Critic’s Choice.
Drama-Logue Award for Best Production
Drama-Logue Award for Best Direction


"Superbly acted...first rate direction with excellent production values."

The Burbank Leader

ADA Award Nominee for Best Production, Best Direction, Best Actress & Best Lighting Design

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