Dolly West's Kitchen
Shawn Savage and Kirsten Kollender in Dolly West's Kitchen

Theatre Banshee is delighted to present Frank McGuinness' World War II-era Irish drama, Dolly West's Kitchen. A group of American GIs and a British officer are invited to the West's home in Ireland, near the border with Northern Ireland. As war rages on the continent, old animosities flare between the British and Irish. Old flames are stoked and new loves start to burn in a household filled with longings and strained loyalties. Gay and straight couples try and forge a way through a complex landscape in a complex time. In the end, Dolly West's Kitchen is a place where damaged souls find healing and a hopeful future blossoms.

L to R: Kirsten Kollender, Shawn Savage,
Greg Bryan and Kacey Camp
Frank McGuinness' play premiered at Dublin's fabled Abbey Theatre a decade ago. And while set in the backdrop of World War II, it's themes of gays in the military and how veterans cope with the horrors of war ring more true today than ever. Rich in humor and compassion, Dolly West shows a slice of Irish life new to Banshee audiences.

Dolly West's Kitchen features: Greg Bryan, Kacey Camp, Martin Doordan, Natalie Hope MacMillan, Kirsten Kollender, Casey Kramer, Brett Mack, Cameron Oro, and Shawn Savage. The design team includes scenic design by Dan Conroy, lighting by Bosco Flanagan, costumes by Jessica Dalager, props by Fergal Dooley, graphics by Andrew Leman and fight choreography by Christy Hauptman. McKerrin Kelly directs the production.

Cameron J. Oro and Bret Mack
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Questions that might get asked frequently

Q: Is Dolly West's Kitchen family friendly?
A: It's a play intended for grown-ups and some of the languages and themes aren't appropriate for younger audiences.

Casey Kramer as Rima West

Q: Is this a "gay play"? I thought those weren't allowed in Ireland.
A: Homosexuality is not an especially common topic in Irish drama, and Frank McGuinness breaks a taboo by acknowledging that there were gay servicemen who fought in World War II. But first and foremost, Dolly West's Kitchen is a play about people searching for meaningful relationships, regardless of their sexual orientations.

Q: Is it some kind of a cooking show?
A: No. It's a domestic drama where the action unfolds in the West's kitchen. You will not go home with any new Irish recipes after seeing this production.

Q: How long is it?
A: The first act is a bit over an hour and the second act is a fair bit under an hour, so about 2:15 is what you should expect.

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