The Merchant of Venice Sides
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Sides by Character
Antonio Side I and Side J
Arragon Side F
Bassanio Side J and Side K
Duke Side G
Gobbo Side C and Side H
Gratiano Side M
Jessica Side L
Lorenzo Side L
Morocco Side E
Nerissa Side B
Old Gobbo Side H
Portia Side A and Side B and Side K
Salerio Side N
Solanio Side N
Shylock Side D and Side I
Listing of Sides
Side A


Side B Portia/Nerissa
Side C Gobbo
Side D Shylock
Side E Morocco
Side F Arragon
Side G Duke
Side H Gobbo & Old Gobbo
Side I Antonio & Shylock
Side J Antonio & Bassanio
Side K Bassanio & Portia
Side L Jessica & Lorenzo
Side M Gratiano
Side N Salerio & Solanio
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