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Theatre Banshee's production of The Clearing benefitted greatly by the original score by composer Erik Hockman. Now, thanks to the marvel of MP3 technology, we're pleased to offer here the complete orginal score to Theatre Banshee's The Clearing. If you need help setting your browser for MP3s or don't know what an MP3 is, click here.
All music is copyright Erik Hockman/Theatre Banshee 1998, all rights reserved.

1. County Kildare, Ireland 1652 (21.6Mb)
2. Places (1.1Mb)
3. A Promising Boy (660k)
4. Sweet Strange Killaine (1.6Mb)
5. A Forest in the Dark (1.6Mb)
6. Then It Is True (1Mb)
7. Flanders Lace (992k)
8. Beyond the Pale (728k)
9. He Saw Her Fall (600k)
10. What Else Should We Do? (568k)
11. This Air is Trying to Kill Me (1.8Mb)
12. Irish Powers (492k)
13. An Irish Wife (840k)
14. The Providence (332k)
15. The First One Hanged (820k)
16. Grieve for Us (1Mb)
17. People Aren't the Thing (1Mb)
18. Let the Woman Fall to Me (1Mb)
19. Do You Think Me Monstrous? (740k)
20. And I Have Mine (136k)
21. The Clearing (852k)
22. Maddy O'Hart (796k)
23. Robert Preston (0:47, 680k)

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